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20 - 26 June, 2013 Issoudun

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Spirituality of the Heart: Yesterday, Today, Towards the Future Top of the page
3 - 31 July, 2013 Issoudun

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Retreat Opportunities Top of the page

The Cor Novum team offers a variety of retreat experiences, of varying styles and length, ranging from a 30 day to a six or eight day retreat. This includes personal accompaniement, and/or spiritual input and other reflective experiences in accordance with the desires of the person/group. All retreats are offered from the perspective of fostering a holistic living of the Spirituality of the Heart. Such a retreat can be held in Issoudun any time throughout JUNE or AUGUST, OCTOBER and NOVEMBER, 2013. As dates and possibilities are subject to the availability of the team, if interested, please make further enquires with the office manager at cornovum@gmail.com

Possible languages: English, French, Dutch, Indonesian

Cost contingent on length of stay

Sabbatical Program Top of the page

Purpose: to experience life in Cor Novum's international, inter-congregational setting at the place of our foundation. There are various options: to receive individual spiritual direction, to pursue personal interests in our founder's spirituality and charism, to follow one or more of the scheduled programs, and/or to enter into a 30 day retreat experience. Such a program would be designed according to the needs and wishes of each participant. The Cor Novum team will accept, after consultation, interested candidates for a period of 2 months or less, JUNE through to end of AUGUST, OCTOBER and NOVEMBER, 2013.

For further information or to register contact Cor Novum office manager: cornovum@gmail.com

Cost contingent on length of stay

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Significant Dates for Chevalier Family - www.cornovum.com Top of the page

By going to the Cor Novum website, www.cornovum.com and clicking on "News" Chevalier members can follow some historical developments for the entire global community. Noteworthy dates are registered on the "Cor Novum News Blog" month by month. Being mindful of these past and present events is a good way to stay connected to our story and to one another across the world. Together let us grow in appreciation of the extraordinary history that is ours! Please share this information with all members, especially formation personnel, lay members and anyone you believe is intersted in our story.

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